Friday, October 2, 2009

The Strategic Importance of Tawang (Arunachal Pradesh)

The strategic importance of Arunachal Pradesh or Tawang in Chinese parlance the following need to be recognized:

  • Arunachal Pradesh provides strategic depth to India’s Brahmaputra Valley and India’s other North Eastern states.
  • Arunachal Pradesh provides security to Bhutan on it entire Eastern flank by geographical contiguity.
  • Bhutan would be then be in a pincer group of China on both it flanks if Tawang is given away. This would be detrimental to India’s security.
  • China’s borders would then rest on the plains of Assam; India might as well write off its other North Eastern states.
  • The Chinese obsession with the Tawang Region is strategic in its aims.
  • In any future conflict with China and if India singly or in coalition with some other power develops offensive capabilities against China, this region offers the shortest cut to China proper and to Tibet.
  • India’s communications infrastructure in this region developed in World War II for US military aid to China is existent and can be further improved.
  • Arunachal Pradesh offers all-wealthier lines of communication to India for military needs to the Tibet border as compared to Aksai-Chin.
  • In terms of any air operations by China in this region, Arunachal Pradesh would provide multi-layered air defence deployments on the ground as deterrence.
  • The region is rich in terms of mineral and natural resources prospects.
There are many more reasons that one can state but the major ones should be enough. Arunachal Pradesh is of vital strategic importance for the territorial integrity and defence of India’s North East states and should be non-negotiable.

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