Friday, September 11, 2009

Taxpayers money, Austerity drive and the Political Class

Going by the news reports on the spending of tax payers money by the MPs and ministers and governments one would wonder when will we the people of India get a break and how long these political class test our patience.

At times during national calamities we in corporate or in private sector donate a days salary to the prime minister's relief fund etc. During economic down turn some of the corporate leaders take a cut in their salaries and employees were asked to reduce the travel costs etc. The political leaders who are supposed to lead by an example are not willing to do the same way as the salaried class. They do not want to give up their luxuries like stay in five star hotels or business class travel in air. They come out with all the excuses why they should not be giving up the luxuries. They spend a lakh a night in the five star hotels at the expense of taxpayer money. In simple words, the political leaders and ministers do not want to mingle with the common person, interact with him and serve him. They want their privacy intact. If this is the attitude of our Ministers and political leaders, what good one can expect from them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Corruption reforms

Anti-corruption reforms have a good chance of success only when they are moved by a top leader and persistent enough to overcome bureaucratic resistance and inertia, according to experts. They also have to involve civil society and be free from political manipulation.

When corruption becomes ingrained in the culture or is seen as part of, the daily struggle for survival, reforming governance becomes particularly difficult. When people get used to bribes, when they have financial obligations supported by bribes, it is very difficult to stop.