Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, Faith and Corruption

Way back in 1998 I did a case study along with my batch during my MBA at International Management Institute, New Delhi. Dr. Ajit Prasad a professor in strategy, gave us a case study titled “Should TTD be taken over by Government and maintain?” We all debated and concluded that it would be better if government does not meddle with TTD as governments lacks credibility and haunted filled with corrupt people. I had little idea then that I would be witnessing those scenarios we discussed, 10 years later.

Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara the powerful God of Hindu faith managed by TTD is a richest temple next to Vatican City in the world, is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Upon hearing the news on corruption in TTD like many Hindus, my feelings were hurt.

I am not particularly in support of any political party and do not want to be branded either. However, I must say ever since congress government in Andhra Pradesh took over the reins of government it encouraged and indulged in corruption. It appointed political persons on the TTD administrative body. Since then mismanagement of funds, offerings, sale of tickets, awarding contracts for TTD works, diverting the funds to their personal pet projects ,giving unauthorized VIP darshans , break darshans etc were at peak.
Daily, devotees offer a lot of Money and jewelry to the Lord in good faith that it will be put in good use and for God. Since Vijayanagara King Krishna Devaraya lot jewelry worth, millions were donated to God. Now with these exposures of corruption and missing jewelry it is a big blow to the faith. If people, who are supposed to be custodians of the God’s wealth and the Faith, indulge in such misdeeds without any fear of God then it will cause a lot of harm to the Faith as trust and faith are main pillars for any religion to flourish.

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