Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sethusamdram Project

The battle lines are drawn for the next round of elections. The central government is slowly inching towards mid-term elections. In its latest affidavit filed with the Supreme Court in the Sethusamudram Project, central government says there is no historical proof of RAM or Ramayana.

What the government of Inida lacking here is poilitical dimplomacy or 'Raja neethi'. They should have been very careful while dealing with the religious sentiments of the people. It appeared as they are pleasing their boss 'The Super PM' and apeasing other religions. It is a practice in Congress party that they take decisions and if it boomerangs then the blame would be on the government. If it is appreciated then credit goes to Sonia Gandhi. Everyone knows that what ever decision is taken party/government is with full knowledge of Sonia Gandhi.
What the government could have done is they should have focussed only on the Ramsethu than 'Rama'. They should have done carbondating of the structure. They could have submitted the result of scientific proof done by a 'third party'. Now in a sudden 'U' turn madam Gandhi 'intervened' and directed the government to alter its argument. Though most of the political parties in India claim they are secular they are not. Including the so called secular parties like Congress, SP, Communists side Muslims and Christians while BJP known for its affliations to Sangh Parivar. It is high time now we stop saying Indian political parties are secular.

One just cannot dismiss it as a myth or based on theory of a geologiost who doesn't believe Hinduism. What I am trying to convey is our beliefs and faith should come in the way of the research. The existence of God is myth according to science but is a faith to billions of people on this earth. Science says there is no proof of Gods existence. likewise there is no proof to say there is no God. Science doesn't answer many mysteries of the Universe. They fail to reason how ancient civilisations possesed the so called 'modern techniques'. Can they say Quran or Testaments are incorrect and not be followed because there is no proof of existence of God and hence cannot be believed that they were given to Prophets by God himself hence they cannot treated as Holy books? There is no scientific proof that God exists; neither is there any proof that God does not exist. The same holds good in the case of Ram too; there is no proof that he existed; neither is there any scientific proof that he did not exist.

The argument offered was we cannot take Ramayana as a historical proof to prve it. Very true we cannot prove a lot many tradions of India, the 'Vedas' its science, 'Vedic Astrology' or any other ancient science that is part of Hindu culture is striken down as superstitous or unrealistic. The argument offered was there is no proof that it is correct. Then why there is no research is conducted to to proove that Ramayana, Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Astrology are incorrect. Hindus refer to a calender or 'Panchaang' for their daily rituals. It says at what time sun raises and at what time sun sets. Whether there is an eclipse on a particular day or not. These are calculated mathematically well in advance without any current day scientific methods by a Pandit. How is this possible when Vedic astrology is a trash or a superstition.

The present day view of world about India, Hindusim and its culture was presented by Britishers and Christian missionaries. Which obviously is incorrect. Ancient India had a tradition of passing on knowledge orally. Even if recorded they were recorded on palm leaves which never lasts long. Ancient India never had a tradition of building stupas or stone tablets. It was 'Asoka the great' had started this tradition. Does that mean there was no Chankya? or any other stories epics happend. Much of the information about Raja Purushottam or 'Porus' was obtained from the notings of Greek historians. We learnt our history from Britishers who gave an attempt to understand Indian culture and traditions. They have not succeded 100%. Most of the time they are incorrect. All religions survive on myths. Rationalists would have been on more solid ground if they had attacked myths of all religions. Unfortunately, Indian rationalists attack only Hindu myths. This is politically dangerous. Tolerance of diversity has been the hallmark of Hindu culture. What rationalists are doing is to take advantage of that tolerance of diversity to destroy the base of that tolerance.

Why the samples from Ramsethu were not tested scientifically, if tested why they were not made public. Now the Hindus all around the would like to know the truth. The onus is on the government to proove that Ram or Ramayana or Ramasethu doesnot exist. No theories.

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